Workplace Bullying

Course Description

Welcome to the Workplace Bullying course. Training on preventing bullying in the workplace is crucial in creating a workplace that is inclusive and safe for all to work. 

 This course will introduce you to your company’s responsibility with regard to preventing bullying, as well as the effects of bullying. It talks about what to do if one is being bullied or witnesses another person being bullied. It will also describe the steps that should be taken when it is determined that employees are not in compliance with the business’ policy. 


This course is designed to help you in the following ways: 

  • Define Workplace Bullying and why it is essential that it is prevented in the workplace 
  • Identify the benefits for self and the company, in pursuing an objective of eliminating workplace bullying completely 
  • Successfully raise awareness of what workplace bullying is, and how to recognize and prevent it from happening 
  • Identify different types of workplace bullying, and how they negatively affect the workplace overall 
  • Discuss Human Resources and its best practices to dealing with issues associated with workplace bullying 
  • Define the steps to handling complaints associated with workplace bullying 
  • Describe the benefits of recognizing and eliminating Workplace Bullying, and the negative effects of ignoring it when it happens