Woman In Leadership

Course Description

Women make up half the US workforce, yet they are promoted to leadership positions at a rate far lower than are their male colleagues. What accounts for this leadership gap? How can organizations foster and develop women leaders? Studies show that having women in leadership positions brings many benefits to an organization, including greater accountability and a culture of work-life balance. Yet, it can be difficult to determine the barriers to women’s advancement, and even more difficult to surmount them. Learning how to foster and develop women as leaders not only benefits individual employees, but can benefit your entire organization. 



At the end of this course, participants should be able to: 

  • Discuss the barriers women face in entering leadership positions 
  • Understand the importance of developing women as leaders 
  • Determine steps your organization can take to foster women as leaders 
  • Understand the benefits of developing women as leaders 
  • Apply the principles of fostering women leaders to your own organization