Time Management

Course Description

Welcome to the Time Management course. The practice of time management requires focus and conscious planning to help win back control of your busy day, and conquer financial goals. Challenges are often presented in the workplace, which can affect our ability to make optimal use of our time. However, with the help of prioritization, goal-setting, and appropriate organization of the mind and space around us, we are able to overcome time management barriers.  



At the end of this course, participants should be able to: 

  • Plan and prioritize each day’s activities in a more efficient, productive manner 
  • Overcome procrastination quickly and easily 
  • Handle unexpected barriers and distractions 
  • Organize your workspace and workflow to make better use of time 
  • Delegate more efficiently 
  • Use rituals to make your life run smoother 
  • Plan meetings more appropriately and effectively