Managing Workplace Harassment

Course Description

Welcome to the Managing Workplace Harassment course. You may say, “not in my office,” or “not our team,” but workplace harassment is an increasing issue in many organizations today.   It can come in the form of a slap, a phrase, an email, or reassignment of duties.  Harassment is not okay and it is illegal. Harassment needs to be reported so that the company can handle the issue properly and remediate any future problems. 



At the end of this course, participants should be able to: 

  • Define various types of discrimination and harassment. 
  • Identify the different types of harassment and their signs. 
  • Understand the employer’s responsibilities. 
  • Discuss how to remediate workplace harassment. 
  • Understand the harassment reporting processes and procedures. 
  • Discuss the steps that will be necessary in reporting harassment in the workplace.